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The integrative show group

We do not want to be sloppy with the term therapy. For us, therapy is a process with a start, a path and a goal that is thought out methodically well. It is very important to us, that people with special needs do not automatically have to experience “therapy” in every leisure activity. But there is a gray area - especially in the "development-related" work with children and adolescents - which offers help and stimulation on the one hand, and promotes individuality and self-determination on the other hand. In this area, we see the show group, which differs from the other therapy groups in terms of duration and goal. In the following it is presented as an example:

We look after around 300 children and young people per year. The show group is one of many groups at our place. It is a group in which children and young people with disabilities form a friendly network with people who have had an illness or a traumatic experience. We, as therapists, are helpers to mutual understanding and organize the framework of the joint actions.

The special thing about our show group is that its actions not only promote the personal skills and needs of the participants, but also address the public.

The show group draws people's attention to the concerns of people with disabilities and is intended to show the possibilities through the help of animals. At the same time, the group is a great pleasure for the participants and the promotion of their skills for a satisfied life.

According to our guiding principle "Almost a Play!", we master dance, theater play and animal acrobatics almost playfully. We want to show with our shows that performance is always relative to the possibilities. What is not a problem for the dogs, the horses cannot and what about the sheep? It is the same with the rest of the show group: everyone has their own specialty and shows exceptional performance.

Fun is our yardstick for success.

What is normal? What is disability?

We want to show that there are always ways "not to put your head in the sand".


Showgroup 1999

Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt

Eine kleine Raupe zieht umher und sucht nach ihren Besonderheiten. Sie findet sich sehr hässlich und weiß nicht, warum ausgerechnet sie so leben muss… doch dann… entdeckt sie neue Fähigkeiten und eines Tages kann auch sie sich als Schmetterling in die Lüfte heben. Jetzt warten zwar neue Probleme auf sie, aber sie hat sich entwickelt…

Ausgeführt mit Kostümen, bunten Tüchern und zwei Ponies.