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Non-verbal interaction

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2014 there was a research project at e.motion in cooperation with the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. With the heading “Who infuences whom?- Interaction between client, horse and therapist” Saskia Aust and Ilona van Dongen worked for their course animal management with the main emphasis animal-assisted therapy. The aim of the study was to analyse which bilateral influence of body language between horse and client is shown during a free interaction session under therapist guidance.

In 2006 we started a research project under the direction of Univ.Doz. Dr. Thomas Stephenson and Mag. Roswitha Zink: Using video analysis the nonverbal communication between humans and horses was investigated in order to present and explain the mechanisms, effects and the potential of Equotherapie.

There have been three diploma thesis with different focuses:

  • Focusing the opportunities of psychodynamic orientated diagnostic with special attention to the non-verbal interaction with the horse: Psychodynamisch orientierte Diagnostik in der Equotherapie. Unter Berücksichtigung körpersprachlicher Kommunikationsformen des Klienten/der Klientin in der Interaktion mit dem Pferd als Ausdruck emotional-psychischer Strukturen. (Sophie Fischer)
  • Focusing analogies of the non-verbal interaction process between mother-infant-interaction and horse-client-interaction: Analogien nonverbaler Interaktionsprozesse. Die Mutter-Säugling-Interaktion und die Klient/Klientin-Pferd-Interaktion in der Equotherapie© unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Affektivität. (Dorothea Gansterer)
  • Focusing on the non-verbal interaction of the with the horse as a scene: Die freie körpersprachliche Interaktion mit dem Pferd als Szene. (Karin Poinstingl)
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